Street Pastors taking first steps in Leamington
Street Pastors are making a difference in 250 towns up and down the country…
…and since May 2013 there has been a small group operating on Saturday nights in Leamington which is well known as a hub for nightlife with people traveling from the surrounding areas into the town centre pubs and clubs.

Please take a look at the Leamington Spa Street Pastors web site for a fuller picture of what they do and how you could help support this needed service:

Chief Constable Andy Parker, on the well established Nuneaton, Rugby & Stratford Street Pastors, says:
“The work of Street Pastors is highly valued by Warwickshire Police; I am impressed with their dedication and grateful for all they do to help people in need. There is no doubt that the work they do on Friday and Saturday nights contributes enormously to the safety and well-being of the public. Our workforce will continue to work in partnership with Street Pastors to protect our communities from harm."

Is God calling you to be a Street Pastor or a Prayer Pastor in Leamington ?    
Street Pastor volunteers offer practical care and support to people out and about in the night time economy including the few each night who can end up in a vulnerable an upset state.  Training is given and we operate in teams of 3 or 4 backed up with radio support.  We do not preach but will share aspects of our faith if asked; significant impact is made by our simple presence.   We are just able to operate on Saturday nights but need 6 more volunteers to cover this properly and we need a further 20 to cover the equally busy Tuesday nights.  

For more details or to register any interest you may have please email:  or see phone numbers on the website.