Most churches offer age-appropriate groups for children on a Sunday morning in church.  See Sunday Services for more details.


Also, the following groups are run during the week.



Group Name Who for When Where / Run by Contact
Rainbows girls 5-7 Monday, 5.30pm St Mark's Julie Brown, 778752
Rainbows girls 5-7 Fridays St Paul's Fran Shaw, 42075
Rainbows girls 5-7 Tuesdays, 5.30pm Dale St
Rainbows girls 5-7 Wednesdays St Margaret's
Rainbows girls 5-7yrs Mon 5-6pm Radford Rd URC Bridget Halpin 426419
Brownies girls 7-10 Tuesdays, 6pm St Mark's Michelle Hayes, 424130
Brownies girls 7-10 Fridays St Paul's Fran Shaw, 421075
Brownies girls 7-10 Tuesdays, 6.15pm Dale St
Brownies girls 7-10 Wednesdays St Margaret's Roz Pratt , 428609
Brownies girls7-10yrs Mon 6-7.15pm Radford Rd URC Josephine Henson 771209
Guides girls 10-15 Fridays, 7pm St Mark's Claire Evans, 885733
Guides girls 10-15 Fridays St Paul's Vanessa Leedle, 744736
Guides girls 10-15yrs Tues 7-8.30pm Radford Rd URC Nicky Stalker 452399
Girls' Brigade girls 5-16 Thursdays, 6-7.30pm Leamington Spa Baptist Lesley Tandy, 882013
Beavers boys, 5-7 Fridays, 6pm Dale St
Beavers boys 6-8yrs Fri7-8pm Radford Rd URC Teresa Owen 744598
Cubs boys 8-10 Wednesdays, 6pm St Mark's Guy Ashworth, 831661
Cubs boys 8-10 Monday, 6.15pm Dale St
Cubs boys 8-10 1/2yrs Fri 6.30-8pm Radford Rd URC Janet Doody 424048
Scouts boys 10-16 Wednesdays, 7.30pm St Mark's Adrian Peake, 428550
Scouts boys 10-16 Thursdays, 7pm Dale St
Scouts boys 10 1/2-14yrs Thurs 7-8.30pm Scout cabin, Trinity St / Radford Road Graham Robbins 772956
Explorer Scouts 14-18 yrs Mon 8-9.30pm Scout cabin, Trinity St / Radford Road Russell Smith 07854 349530
Boys' Brigade boys 5-16 Fridays, 6-7.30pm Leamington Spa Baptist Val Kennedy, 332810
Key Club reception, yr 1 & 2 Thursday term time, 4.45pm-5.45pm Myton Church Centre
Let's Go yr 3 - 6 Friday term time, 7-8.15pm Myton School girls' gym
Meltdown yr 7 - 9 Fridays, 7-9pm Westbury Centre, Leamington / Myton Church
Children's activity mornings children and carers Occasional Saturdays All Saints
After school club primary school children Afternoons during term time, 3.30-6pm Lillington Primary / Crown Way Community Church
Edward Bear pre-school


1st and 3rd Tuesday

St Mary's, Cubbington
Tuesday Bears  


2nd and 4th Tuesday

St Mary's, Cubbington
mainly music children under 5 and carers

10:00am-11.30am Tuesdays term time only

Christ Church Samantha Lee, 777000
King's Kidz children

Fridays 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Life Community Church 338488


Jo Barfoot, 05/02/2008